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A little bit about me:

Hello there! My name is Lauren Wong and this publication is a collection of a passion for travel. Originally from the Chicagoland area, I graduated from the University of Tampa in December of 2020. While at school I had the opportunity to study abroad in both Iceland and Cuba.

Growing up, we were not big travelers except for three hour flights to southern Florida. My father, whose parents immigrated from China, said that although it would be interesting to see where he’s come from, the drawback lies in the hours that would be spent in the air. That desire of ‘more’ stemmed from an early age and is what motivates me every day.

In a world so vast, so extensive and diverse you can never run out of things to see. From the desert to the ocean, to snow peaked mountain tops. There is no final destination.

Moving from Tampa, I now reside in the greater Phoenix area and am fulfilling that longing for travel with the work that I do. Hoping that with the click of a photograph and the right words to express myself, you can join in on this journey with me. So, where should we go next? Let’s escape with vagary.

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