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By Lauren Wong
photo credit to L'Auberge de Sedona

We all struggle every now and again, it’s the unfortunate part of life. We have to get through the bad to get to the good. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, or you’re just feeling burnt out, it’s important to set aside time to take care of yourself. You can’t always have the “go-go-go” mindset, your mental health is what’s most important. Plus, the better your mental health is the more productive you’ll be at work, and in your day to day life. 

Meditating can be hard, it’s always one of the most recommended things to do, but when your mind is racing, it can almost make you feel worse. That being said, I’ve listed some activities, packages, and events in Arizona that can help you actually set that date on your calendar to take a breather from the stressors in your life. Sometimes we need that extra help and guidance to step back and put the focus on ourselves.

Where: Welcome Home Ranch, Gilbert
Cost: $20 drop-in price
goat on a cute girls back frount
cute back bend 2 girls goat yoga unicorn
photo credit to Arizona Goat Yoga
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The number one rated Goat Yoga in the world, Arizona Goat Yoga, has not only made appearances on shows such as Ellen Degeneres Game of Games, American Ninja Warrior, Survivalists, and many more, but has also been named in The Guinness Book of World Records twice. They were the start of Goat Yoga. Their mission is simple, “make people happy, while bringing diverse communities together.” 

You can sign up for one of their classes online, choosing from different themes. You can partake in an Alpaca Photobooth, Cow Cuddling, etc. Take some time to not only exercise, but feel the love from their cute, cuddly animals.

Where: Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale
Cost: $500
photo credit to Hotel Valley Ho

If you’ve recently gone through a hard breakup, Hotel Valley Ho has created this post-breakup stay that’s available now through the end of 2022. It’s the ultimate self-care stay that you can add on to your room reservation. Keep in mind you have to inquire at least five days in advance. The VH Spa is open every Thursday through Sunday. 

Turn your heartache into a celebration of new beginnings as you take that step into your new single life. With this package you’ll get a bottle of prosecco delivered right to your room, vintage-style heart glasses, a smash-able chocolate heart, a 60-minute Lomi Lomi Massage at VH Spa, and a self-care workbook with cards you can write inspirational notes on as daily reminders. Last, but not least, you’ll receive a Kodak Printomatic camera that instantly prints little photos you can either frame or create stickers out of. This package gives you the opportunity to see that you’ll be okay on your own.

Where: Castle Hot Springs, Morristown
Cost: prices vary

There’s multiple hot springs in Arizona including the Arizona Hot Spring, Castle Hot Springs, El Dorado Hot Springs, the Essence of Tranquility outdoor soaking tubs, the Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs, Verde River Hot Springs, etc. However, if you’re looking for a complete getaway from society, without having to hike or kayak, check into booking a reservation at Castle Hot Springs. 

Submerging in warm water isn’t only good for your immune system and circulation, but the steam allows you to unwind and focus on your breath. Every hot spring varies with what particular mixture of minerals it holds. On their website, Castle Hot Springs lists exactly what minerals are present in the spring and what their benefits are. If you’re looking to stay just for a couple of days or add a package onto your booking, you’re sure to find some peace in this elegant, desert oasis.

Where: Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale
Cost: prices vary
photo credit to Hotel Valley Ho

From February through April, Hotel Valley Ho is offering Spring Specials at VH Spa. You’ve got two options to choose from. 

Caf​​é Au Lait Facial: This 60-minute facial is normally $170, but is now only $135. With this facial you’ll start with a fresh milk moisturizing mask, then get a hand treatment with heated mitts and a scented coffee scrub. 

Coffee CBD Scrub + Massage: This 90-minute experience is now $185, down from its normal price of $225. This package is focused on relieving sore muscles and relaxing your nervous system with their Cause + Medic’s CBD Coffee and Himalayan Salt Scrub. With this broad-spectrum CBD Oil it’ll not only hydrate and exfoliate your skin, but also help calm your mind.



No matter where you reside in the Arizona area, there’s an abundance of trails everywhere you look. There is something so healing about just being in nature. Even if all you can do is force yourself outside for a 10 minute walk, it’s better than nothing. Unplug from the world, let yourself take in the sounds of nature around you, and leave those emails to be answered until you get back.

Where: L’Auberge de Sedona, Sedona
Cost: prices vary
photo credit to L'Auberge de Sedona

Plan a whole week getaway with L’Auberge de Sedona. Donna Bond, a Soul-Centered catalyst for personal transformation, has curated a week of daily workshops and mindful practices for you to engage in as you explore beautiful Sedona. If you visit their website you’ll see the four upcoming retreat dates and a sample itinerary of what you can expect. 

Throughout your retreat you will focus on five major topics; power and purpose, thoughts become things, our beliefs create our world, cultivating intuition, and discovering how “I am,” statements can help manifest your desires into action. If taking a week away from your life is too much, you can check out their other offered packages.