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By Lauren Wong

Nearly 500,000 people gather for the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the PGA TOUR’s most attended event. That being said, of course you’re going to want to look your best. You never know, you might find yourself catching some tv time! Be sure to note that while there’s no dress code, masks are required throughout the duration of the event except when eating or drinking.

The combination of the sporting and social aspect of the tournament brings quite the assortment of fashion. With people wearing everything from cocktail dresses to sweatpants, it can be difficult to decide what look you’re going for. However, a wide range of options brings more possibilities, so take this chance and make a statement at this year’s Phoenix Open. 

First and foremost, layers are always a smart move. From sun-up to sun-down, Phoenix temperatures can have you sweating at noon and shivering by dinner, so creating your look with layers will keep you cute and comfy all day long. 

Rompers and jumpsuits are always a go to look for that middle ground between casual and formal. If you’re looking to draw in some attention, blue, orange, purple, and brown compose a popping contrast among the green fields. Easy to layer with a jacket, there’s everything from flowy and long to short and tight. For a chic, preppy look, check out blazer jumpsuits. Pair this with a comfortable wedge or flat and you’ll be good to go! 

With white sneakers back in style again, you can pair any outfit with comfortable gym shoes and still have a ‘trending’ look. For all the walking involved at the event, wearing a nice comfy sneaker will keep your feet happy all day.

Throw on some distressed jeans, or white to make your tan pop. If you want something a bit more fancy than a romper, jumpsuit, or jeans, consider wearing a maxi dress. These can range from casual to elegant just based on the material it’s made out of. 

Guys, pull out your brightest, flashiest polos. Those bright colors you normally avoid on a daily basis are more than acceptable at the Phoenix Open. Deck yourself out in ASU gear, sport some funky pants, go camo, or just put together a buttoned shirt with some nice jeans. 

Anything goes, so pick something that makes you feel confident, and comfy, and go own it. Get inspiration from previous year’s outfits, rep your favorite sports team, or throw together something unconventional. 

Be unique, be bold, and be comfortable as we get ready for 2022s Waste Management Phoenix Open!