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By Lauren Wong

Sign up for an adrenaline rush by purchasing tickets to some of Arizona’s top ranked haunted houses. These places incorporate state of the art special effects that’ll get your heart racing with fear. If you’re looking for a real scare, check out the following places.

Where: 5726 N 75th Ave, Glendale

Cost: $25

This isn’t your traditional corn maze, it’s a whole haunted corn field planted over a forgotten cemetery. Seeking vengeance for years of being stepped all over, the dead have come back to haunt anyone who dares set foot on their grounds. 

Located at Tolmachoff Farms, you’ll be put to the test as you try to make it out of the maze unscathed from those lurking inside.

Where: 6555 East Southern Ave, Mesa

Cost: Prices start at $30

Sanctum of Horror brings together two haunted attractions, Sanctum of Horror and The Breach, live entertainment, and vendors. It’s a one stop shop! 

Lenore, a little girl, will take you with her as she relives her violent past in the Sanctum of Horror. You’ll follow her though her old childhood home, witness murders, and walk through an ancient graveyard to arrive at St. Charlotte Asylum. Escape the madness through Lenore’s cell, a place haunted by the torture she inflicted on her previous victims. 

When you step foot into the Breach, you’ll be transported into a 1953 military research facility. Known as Bunker 16, the place now lies in disarray as a leech wreaked havoc on the bunker leaving deadly mutations, half-eaten corpses, and more.

Where: 1901 N Alma School Rd, Mesa

Cost: Tickets start at $24.95

Scarizona presents Mayhem in the Madness and Startled Darkness for the ultimate night of thrill. Experience complete chaos full of bedlam and havoc at Mayhem in the madness, as individuals have come together and taken over the Scaregrounds. Their one goal; to pursue their desire of haunting the people of Arizona.

If you’re afraid of the dark, Startled Darkness is not for you. You’ll immediately be swallowed up by this pit of darkness full of startling sounds, jolts, jumps, and scares. As they say, “you can’t see in the dark but the dark can see you.”

Where: 1102 W Grant Rd, Tucson

Cost: $20 - $60

photo credit The Slaughterhouse Website

Over 85 Haunted Houses were reviewed by Scurryface and Slaughterhouse came out on top, earning the title as the #1 Haunted House in the country in 2021. Five haunts are combined into one making Slaughterhouse one of the longest Haunted Houses in the world.

photo credit The Slaughterhouse Website

Brace yourself as you make your way through the Boiler Room, Cirque du Slay, City Meats, the Apocalypse, and an outdoor haunt all within this 1950s meatpacking plant. Not only have they turned this old building into the scariest haunted house, but the place itself is said to actually be haunted. Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures,” shot an episode at the old meatpacking plant in 2017 where they documented a “marathon of paranormal activity throughout the entire plant.”

Where: 9312 E Rillito Village Trail, Marana

Cost: General Admission $28

There’s so much to see and do at Terror in the Corn. With your general admission ticket you’ll get access to their three haunted houses; The Pirate’s Plague, Shady Acres Asylum, and We’re All Mad Here. Choose your favorite themed house or hit all three attractions. 

If after all of those you’re looking for more to do, you can add on any of their other experiences. They offer Axe Throwing, a Zombie Shootout, and different Escape Rooms. This isn’t just your traditional haunted house, it’s a whole immersive haunted cornfield.

Where: 2814 W Bell Rd, Phoenix

Cost: $27.99 - $32.99

USA Today has deemed the 13th Floor Haunted House one of the “Top Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in the U.S.A.” Their 2022 attractions include Midnight Mania and Daywalker. 

Midnight Mania follows a story of a masked slasher who’ll creep behind you while the Midnight Maniac Cult resurrects the dead. Watch your back because they’re on the lookout for some new sacrifices. Daywalker focuses on vampires. Legend has it that as the blood moon rises, so does the Daywalker in a quest to satisfy his thirst. 

Looking for more? Add on their Phobia Interactive Experience. Find yourself immersed in total darkness, leaving you with only your sense of sound, smell, and touch to make your way through this maze. You’ll be met with physical challenges that’ll force you to walk, duck, step over, and squeeze your way through a variety of peculiar spaces.