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By Lauren Wong

I had the chance to visit some of Sedona’s beloved vortexes and learn about them from an expert herself. Here’s some insight, a look into the mind of someone who frequents these magical spots to gain clarity about the world around her. 

If you’re a believer or not, the beauty that surrounds these vortexes makes it worth the visit. Francesca Bob was my tour guide, and one of the sweetest, most down to earth people I’ve met. She offers her tours on Airbnb Experiences. To book yours visit this link.


Q and A with a Vortex Expert

Q: First and last name. A little background on yourself, what you do?

A: Francesca Bob, born & raised Arizonian. Native American descent (the Navajo tribe). Single mother of a rambunctious, insightful, curious 11 year old boy. Outdoor Guide 7+ years. In my free time you can find me playing in nature: whether it be via trail dancing (similar to trail running but incorporates dance moves instead), paddle boarding or camping.  

Q: How would you explain what a vortex is to the general public?

A: As humans, from a cellular level we are all comprised of electricity. The same can be said for the planet -which its electricity is referred to as ‘ley lines’ by the science community. These ley lines travel all across the planet (think of the aurora lights) and whenever these lines intersect, they create a stronger concentration of electromagnetic energy- thus, in turn creating a vortex- which is a swirling of that energy/electricity. So a vortex in basic terms is a swirling of the planet’s electro-magnetic energy.

Q: How would you describe the healing benefits of vortexes? Can you say the name of all the places we went? Why do you choose these/why are they your favorite?

A: Because we, as humans, have electricity flowing through our bodies at all times, we are sensitive to the earth’s electricity and can receive great benefits from it in areas where it is concentrated (ea. ley line crossings). One of the most profound healing benefits people experience is a release of pain from the body whether it be emotional or physical pain.

The places we visit on the tour are: Cathedral Rock, Amitabha Stupa & Peace park, Kachina Woman & the Sacred Medicine Wheel

These are just a few of my favorite places that not only offer wonderful views of the red rocks and  creek, but also offer the potential of spiritual enlightenment and healing to take place.

Q: What do you feel personally when you’re here? Is there any profound moment you can describe that you’ve had at a vortex? Any life changing experiences? 

A: When I was 22 I broke my ankle and had to be in a cast for 3 months. After those painstaking months I was moved to a walking boot. One day some friends came for a visit and wanted to explore Sedona. I was living in Phoenix at the time, so while on our drive to Sedona, I quickly noticed how painful and swollen my ankle was getting during the drive. I presumed it was a result of the elevation change and change in air pressure. Once in Sedona, the first stop we made was to visit Airport Mesa -which in my opinion offers some of the best views with the shortest payoff. While taking in the sights atop this mesa, I noticed how quickly the swelling and pain had subsided in my ankle. With absolute glee I began shouting how amazing this felt and even proceeded to do a few jumping jacks to celebrate the sensation. Later that evening, while on our drive back to Phoenix the pain and swelling returned and I knew at that moment that something special had occurred. It was during that experience that my belief began shifting from skeptic to believer.

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Tour guide, Francesca Bob

Q: What would you tell someone who is skeptical about the energy at these spots?

A: I think it’s healthy to be skeptical- I know I was when I first heard about these vortices. But once you begin to understand the science and quantum mechanics behind how they operate, it makes it easier for your logical brain to connect the dots and bridge the gap between science and ‘woo woo’ spirituality.

“Whether we choose to believe or not, we are spiritual beings simply navigating through a human body.”

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Where did we go?

Q: How would you describe your spirituality? How has this spiritual side of you shaped you/made you into who you are today?

A: Spirituality is quite frankly my entire way of life. After ‘awakening’ in 2012, I could no longer look at life through any other lens than that of love: realizing that every moment in my life was simply a moment of spiritual significance. From the way we speak, the thoughts we carry, the interactions we exchange with others, the food we eat, even down to the jobs/career paths we take- aka the way we choose to be of service in the world. In fact, without this profound insight, I don’t think I would be standing before you today as a ‘guide.’ 

As a result of this knowledge, I quit my corporate job back in 2012 and began making steps towards pursuing a vision of how I thought I could best be of service to others and the planet- especially during this very delicate time. Fast forward to today and I am practically eating, living, breathing spirituality through my everyday interactions with others and with life itself. Spirituality is such a beautiful dance I feel so honored to take part in.

Q: What advice would you give to people traveling to experience these for the first time? What would you tell someone who asks, “how do I know it’s working?”

A: There are signs that one may experience if they are connecting to the vortex energy. It can be either physical or emotional sensations that people pick up on. For example, someone may experience tingling of the fingers, toes or body -that is a sign. One might start feeling pressure in the forehead or dizziness or both- that is a sign. Also, if someone begins feeling overwhelmed with emotion (tears of love, joy, gratitude) these are all great indicators that it’s ‘working.’

Q: What makes you passionate about these? What drives you to do what you do? Are there any moments that stand out to you where you thought, “okay, this is why I do this?”

A: Once I regained my connection to Mother Earth, the only focus I had was on how I could be of service to her- almost like an ambassador of planet Earth. By helping others understand the mystery, beauty, healing and love that she (Mother Earth) is always providing just for us. I can feel when that connection is restored within others- which is the drive behind why I do what I do. Sometimes on tour, people get emotional- in a good way- and I know in those moments they’ve connected to the love Mother Gaia is continuously offering us. Once you make that connection, it’s hard to turn back to an old way of life and thinking. You can’t help but feel inspired to become an ambassador for her as well. She needs our love and protection more than ever at this time.

Q: Any hardships or setbacks that stand out to you?

A: The only hardship I can recall experiencing was during the lockdown back in March of 2020. As like everyone, the tourism industry was impacted hard, and I went from working 6 -7 days a week to zero- for several months on end. 

For me, it was harder knowing I couldn’t be of service in a time when people were really seeking guidance and direction. I knew that if I could just connect with people in nature they would know that despite what is going on in the world that everything would be ok. I knew they would also realize that a simple walk in nature is healing to the body in so many ways: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. It weighed so heavy on my heart to know that millions of people were forced to stay indoors- disconnected from our Mother Earth.

Q: Why is it so important that we, as individuals, get out and connect with nature? Why is this aspect of spirituality important to our daily lives?

A: From a scientific perspective, everything around us is composed of energy. I feel Nicola Tesla described it best when he said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. That said, nature vibrates at a 7.83 hertz- which happens to be where the human standing frequency likes to vibrate at as well. Because we are electrical beings, emitting a vibration, it’s very easy for our own natural rhythm to get off balance given we are surrounded by endless interference operating at frequencies un-natural to our own bodies (wifi, music, electronics etc). When we take a walk in nature, our body naturally recalibrates to the natural rhythm of life. This is why so often, people feel elevated or calm after a walk in nature. Our electrical and nervous system simply hits the “reset” button.

I feel like once you hit the reset button, it’s a lot easier for you to receive guidance on how to live your life in a way that honors spirit, and your highest spiritual path. If we can all get on that page, the world would be such a different place. 

Whether we choose to believe or not, we are spiritual beings simply navigating through a human body.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the most interesting thing about Sedona’s vortexes? What are some interesting facts (history, science, etc.) that you want included in the story? Any facts that you think the readers would find interesting?

A: Despite Sedona becoming pretty commercialized over the years, I want to emphasize that this  development does not take away from the fact that this land is still very sacred ground that we are walking on. 

In fact my ancestors never lived in what is known as Sedona today. We resided on the outskirts of the red rocks, some dwelling in cliff-sides, but we never lived in Sedona proper. In fact, we only entered this sacred space after fasting for 24-48 hrs and we would only enter the red rocks for ceremonial purposes. 

So, I would like to kindly ask those who chose to visit Sedona, that you remember this during your visit and allow that knowledge to navigate your experience in a respectful way that honors the sacred ground you are walking upon.