outfit feature
By Lauren Wong

The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships was my first time ever attending a polo match. Going into it, all I knew was that there are horses, a ball, and a mallet. I also knew that there was a certain type of attire that goes along with it. So, to Google I went and put together my outfit for the day. 

I wore a long green, flowered dress with some platform heels. Unfortunately, I don’t own one of those big floppy sun hats, otherwise that would’ve been a staple to my fit. I also had read that bold sunglasses are essential, so I picked out my favorite pair to bring, but I ended up forgetting them in my car. The intention was there. 

IMG 7028

Walking into the event felt like walking backstage in a fashion show. I love any reason to dress up, but I was completely blown away by some people’s outfits. They say you can never be too dressed up for polo, so it’s your time to pull out all those pieces you shy away from that have collected dust in your closet, and go all out. Dress to impress.

IMG 7009
IMG 6997
IMG 6876

If you’re ever planning on attending a polo match here’s some tips I found when choosing your fit. 

  • Always make sure you have a pair of statement sunglasses 
  • Lots and lots of accessories, pull out all the pearls!
  • Hats! Floppy, wide brimmed hats, with feathers, jewels, and organza silk to protect your face from the sun. (The more extravagant the better).
  • Skip the heels for your comfort and wear some wedges, flat sandals, or cowboy boots.
  • Colorful blazers, sundresses, and skirts are the way to go.
IMG 6915