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By Lauren Wong
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9015 E Via Linda Unit 106, Scottsdale

Part flower bar, part coffee bar, Stemistry gives you something to do while you enjoy your coffee. So, here’s how it works… you can come in anytime during their hours to order yourself a drink. I tried the 24K Gold Latte, Flower Garden Latte (my favorite), and the Cookie Butter Latte. Then, once you’re all comfortable at your workspace, you can build your very own bouquet. 

No appointment is needed, you can come in to either just grab a drink, make a bouquet, or both! Another option is to choose a pre-arranged bouquet. There are so many options, from their little add ons, to their wide variety of flowers. 

March 19th of 2022 was Stemistry’s grand opening.

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Q & A with Stemistry President, Dylan Capshaw, who started Stemistry at 15 years old…

Q: How would you describe your cafe? 

A: Stemistry is an all in one stop for flowers and coffee, so I was hoping for a place where people can come and relax. I want them to feel welcomed here, nobody is rushed out. It has an all natural, but higher-end feel.

Q: What gave you the idea and passion to start this cafe?

A: I started an online flower shop during COVID, so it was April of 2020 when I started. Flowers were never really an interest of mine, but I have an exotic wildlife rescue; that is another long story that I’ve been running for a while, so I have a lot of weird plants and other interesting stuff. 

So, during COVID I was really bored and wanted to start selling stuff. I’ve always loved making little businesses, so I started cutting/landscaping and selling eucalyptus leaves, marketing it as shower bundles, etc. After a couple months, sales were crazy, so I’d stay up super late every night boxing orders and saving up all the money. 

Coffee, which was my passion, I felt went hand in hand [with the flower shop], so I created this place where you have flowers, a bouquet bar, and coffee. People can be creative and make something on their own, while enjoying fun coffee drinks.

Q: What are your short and long-term goals for the business?

A: Short term goals, I just want to provide the community with a fun place to come and relax, meet people, hang out, get good coffee, and flowers; it’s an all in one. Long term, we’d like to expand and have more locations around Arizona. We’re all about staying local, so all of our products here are from local companies, even our coffee. We’ll be keeping our roots in Arizona, even if we spread out of state, but we will always be supporting other small businesses around us.

Q: What’s something that stands out about your cafe? 

A: We’re like a family here. You come in and our baristas will immediately get to know you. Everytime you walk in you’ll be greeted with your name, and we will know your order. We’re really like a fun stop. 

Our most popular drink is probably our 24K Gold Latte, so that one’s definitely a fun one to try. It’s kind of a black and gold color for our branding. We sprinkle 24K gold on top, so that’s something we’re known for.

Q: How exactly does the bouquet bar work?

A: There’s clipboards and then metal buckets, so people walk in, grab a clipboard, a metal bucket, and a pen. Then you can walk around. We have all our flowers labeled with their name and price, so you can fill it out however you’d like. We have our florist here who can help assist if you want any help arranging or cutting, otherwise you can get a table. We have free tools and supplies available, so you can create your own bouquet, then we have vases for purchase, or we can wrap it at the end. 

The idea behind it was to embrace creativity. A lot of flower shops that you walk into have crazy expensive arrangements… We stay really cheap and we like to have good quality, but let people make it themselves. They can make a date out of it.

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Q: What do you hope your guests walk away feeling after they visit Stemistry?

A: Definitely happy. We focus on quality, so they should be enjoying their drink, and wanting to come back for another one. We have our Latte Lab which features all unique drinks, so I hope they discover something new and are eager to come back to try something different.

If there’s a specific type of flower you’re looking for, you can visit their website to purchase them online, otherwise, be aware that flowers in the store are subject to change due to availability. 

Visit their website for more information.