wfh feature
By Lauren Wong

Everything that’s happened over the past few years has vastly changed what the work place looks like. Life changed before we knew it as Covid started hitting every headline. Schools, social events, work; everything became virtual. Good connections were established into the difference between leaving your camera off, or turning it on during a meeting. 

I graduated college in December of 2020, and besides an internship, I have never experienced life in the office. I moved across the country to work remotely in my new apartment. Working from home can get lonely, boring, or make it hard to focus. 

I’ve learned the importance of building yourself your own personal ideal work space to help you thrive. I’ve found lots of cool products that have helped me (or are on my Amazon Wishlist) stay focused and entertained as I go throughout my day. 

So, here’s my Amazon, working from home, must-haves.

Having stuff all over the place when I’m trying to focus gets me flustered, especially tangled up cords. This little holder is self-adhesive and keeps all your chargers separate. The silicone cable management clips have 3M seamless double sided tape for easy assembly. It’s simple, yet a necessity. 


There’s been so much hype around under desk treadmills, but they take up so much space. I personally don’t have enough room for a treadmill to go under my desk, but I found this smaller alternative. 

This stationary peddler has 8 calibrated resistance settings, and a removable LCD display that shows your speed, time, distance, and calories. Most of the time you feel so stiff after sitting at a desk all day. This makes it effortless to get a little bit of a workout in while working. Plus, with its sleek design, the DeskCycle is very quiet.


Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to boost your productivity and creativity. Or, maybe you need a break from sitting in your desk chair all day. Either way, having a laptop desk is a must. 

This one’s equipped with a wrist pad, storage pocket, and a fabric covered foam pad that adapts to your lap. Don’t compensate for your comfort while you’re on the go!


There’s so many different brands that carry just about the same rings, so I’d say it doesn’t really matter which you pick. I chose this one because it’s cheap and comes in a pack of 6, 8, or 11. I tend to lose my jewelry, so it gives me plenty of backups.


I wear one of these every single day, and when I forget it I catch myself trying to spin my non-existent ring. It’s like a fidget spinner you can wear. When I’m concentrating, or find myself getting stressed out with work, it provides that little sense of comfort you get from different fidget gadgets. Rings are just easy to throw on, and will be with you for the whole day.


I absolutely love subscription boxes because it always gives you something to look forward to. It’s like it’s your birthday every month.

I’ve tried a variety of different subscription boxes that I wasn’t too impressed with, but Therabox never disappoints. Everything is about self-care, which we all could use a little more of. Whether it’s different essential oils, a sleep journal to help you reflect and wind down for the night, or a soothing face mask, there’s always something to look forward to.

Each package is guaranteed to have a $120 – $200 value among their 8 full-sized self care products. Every month you’ll get 7 products curated to “lift the mind, body, and spirit,” as well as 1 self-care activity. 

One of my favorite products I’ve gotten from my TheraBox is matcha powder. I’d never had it before and I started adding it to my morning cup of coffee and I swear, it really does help reduce the caffeine crash. Plus, there’s so much research done that shows it has literally any health benefit you can think of.