By Lauren Wong

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart lies within the doors of Area 15, a “wanderland of art, music, and amusement,” that enters the “what’s next” district. The inside and outside of the building are complete with a variety of art, alternative realities, and rides.

IMG 4620

You can spend a whole day here. Between all of the events, bars, restaurants, shopping, and experiences, you won’t run out of things to do and see. While there, I went to the Omega Mart, but you can visit their website to check out everything else they have to offer. 

I’ve seen some posts about this unique mart on social media, but I wasn’t prepared for just how massive it really is. It doesn’t seem that big on the outside, but the inside is this seemingly endless tunnel of secret portals. All lead to astonishing changes of scenery.

IMG 4321
IMG 4537
IMG 4490

They call it an “extraordinary supermarket,” that allows you to “discover portals leading to surreal worlds full of unexpected, art-filled landscapes in which to play.” While there you can purchase a key card that you’ll scan throughout the experience to help you make sure you don’t skip over any hidden entry way.

IMG 4421
IMG 4408
IMG 4592
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This was by far my favorite spot I hit on my Unconventional Vegas road trip. Walking through it made me feel like a little kid in a toy store. With so much going on around every corner, it’s like everything at once is screaming for your attention. 

You’re brought into a world where everything is new and confusing and you’re not quite sure what’s real.

IMG 4529
IMG 4532

All of the art is a collection of work from international and local artists. Art is everywhere. Every product is designed and wrapped up with the artist’s intentions. Some of the products you can purchase. 

I had so much fun picking out my souvenir. I was between an ugly swan pool floatie (an ill-favored duck version of your typical blown up swan floatie), and what I ended up getting, one of their animated peppers.

IMG 4440
IMG 4439

From snacks to merch, and little knick knacks, there’s a bunch of things to choose from when picking out your little memento of the day.

Bursting of unique and immersive art, it’s something you have to see with your own eyes to fully take in as you explore this gigantic adult playground. There’s even a massive slide you can ride (which was unfortunately under renovation when I visited).

IMG 4382
IMG 4499

There’s so much to see and do at Area 15, that in my opinion, it’s a must when planning your travels.

For more information on Meow Wolf Omega Mart, or to purchase tickets, visit their website. For information regarding Area 15’s experiences and events, click here.