By Lauren Wong

Phoenix Sky Harbor is taking a step into the future with their new PHX Reserve program. On March 1, 2022 this program became available to all travelers flying out of Terminal 3 between 4 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Sky Harbor. 

This new virtual checkpoint is with Copenhagen Optimization and CLEAR. You can avoid waiting in line at security and make a reservation to go through the normal TSA Security Checkpoints. The program is completely free and doesn’t require an account or membership to use it. Appointments can be made three days before your departure date and between 60 minutes to four hours before take off. You can reserve your time for up to 10 travelers. 

By putting this new option into play, Phoenix is taking that step towards creating a smarter and digitized airport experience. Virtual queuing is that first key step. While PHX Reserve is being utilized, they’ll be leveraging data with the goal of creating new opportunities not only for passengers, but also airlines and airports.

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Whether you’re in the regular security line or the separate PHX Reserve lane, you’ll still experience the same high standard, TSA security. If you’re a member of TSA PreCheck, you won’t be able to use your benefits if you sign up for a security checkpoint time slot. 

To sign up for a time slot click here. When you’re at the airport and it’s time for your appointment, go to your assigned checkpoint. From there you’ll look for the PHX Reserve logo. If you can’t find it, they have an online map with step-by-step directions for you to follow. 

Once you find the line all you have to do is show the airport staff your confirmation information and you’ll be good to go! There’s a 15 minute grace period per appointment, but you can always cancel or reschedule to see when the next available appointment is. 

Traveling just got easier! Take advantage of this free program and leave the stress of making it through security on time as a problem of the past.