By Lauren Wong
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6969 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale

To me, this coffee shop was the definition of aesthetically pleasing. The colors, the designs, and decorations all make this shop full of photo ops. If you’re looking for a chill environment to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and snap that perfect IG pic, then this is the place to go. 

When I stopped into this new cafe (about 3 months old) I tried the Flower Child off their signature drinks menu. It was a nitro cold brew mixed with lavender syrup, vanilla syrup, and lavender vanilla cold foam, topped with an edible flower. I’d never had a coffee that had lavender before, so it was something completely new for me and I was unsure what to expect, but the flavors went so well together. Next time I want to try their signature Desert Honey drink!

Anytime I find a new spot that stands out to me as being unique, I love to hear the story behind it; where the idea came from and how it was manifested into what it is today. To me, all I want is the story (along with my yummy cup of coffee of course).

A Q & A With Part Owner, Moriah Holland

Q: How would you describe your cafe?

A: Our shop is neutral colored, filled with lots of modern decor and greenery. There are lots of cafes with a dark, grunge feel to them, and while there isn’t anything wrong with that, we wanted to take a different approach by making a space as light and warm as possible.

Q: What gave you the passion to open up Light Heart Coffee?

A: My husband and I have always wanted to open a coffee shop together, and our friends were opening a studio suite!

They figured it would be a good idea to have a coffee shop at the front of the suites, and when we heard about it we very quickly teamed up.

Q: What are your long and short-term goals for the business?

A: Long term we want multiple locations, but in the short term, what we have been doing and want to continue to do is work with other local businesses with similar visions! Being able to have pop ups for Fleur and Gab Art & Design has been so fun.

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Q: What’s something in particular you’d like to share that stands out about your cafe? A special drink?

A: When you stop by, I’m usually going to give three suggestions. My first would be the macadamia nut honey cardamom latte, the Desert Honey. It’s a classic and our best seller. My second would be the Chocolate Coconut Shakerato. It’s new and quickly climbing to become the most popular! The third is my personal favorite, our Grapefruit Espresso Tonic. In my opinion, it’s the perfect afternoon coffee, super citrusy and refreshing. It’s like having a cocktail that makes you feel better.

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Q: What do you hope your guests walk away feeling after visiting your cafe?

A: I hope customers walk away loving the taste and presentation of our drinks, feeling comfortable in our space, but most importantly I want them to feel welcomed by us. I know every business says it, but we genuinely love our customers. We’ve become friends with our regulars, and with my husband and I both being extroverts, there’s always room for more friends.

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Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: Don’t feel awkward about taking pictures or videos in our space for Instagram or whatever! We made it look as cute as it does because we would always take pictures at our favorite shops. We want you to do the same!

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For more information and to see all their signature drink options, visit their website.