roundup feature
By Lauren Wong

For all my fellow remote workers and coffee lovers, I’ve put together a list of all the coffee shops I’ve featured over the past month. Each one has their own unique twist on your traditional cafe, creating a perfect blend of their passions and some delicious drinks!

For more information on any of them, each has their own post and Q&A with the owners!

4415 S Rural Rd Suite 10, Tempe

IMG 2978

This place in particular excited me because of its loose ties to the Wizard of Oz, one of my favorite movies growing up. To the owners, their cafe is not about the profit, it’s all about creating this safe, community-based space where everyone feels welcome. 

A huge focus for them is supporting the LGBTQ+ community, providing a LGBTQ+ lending library, and hosting a variety of events. Local artists’ work is showcased in beautiful murals that span the walls of the shop.

IMG 2846

A particular quote from the owners about their ties to the Wizard of Oz, in my opinion, sums up this wonderful place. “In the classic book, Dorothy sets out on a journey of self-discovery only to realize that all one needs to find themself is self-realization and acceptance. We have made it our mission to accept everyone as they are, no matter where they are on their journey.”

3030 S Rural Rd, Tempe

IMG 3229

In my opinion this one had the most unique pairing for a cafe; snakes and shakes. I’m not a fan of snakes, I never have been, but I even got the courage by the end of my visit to hold one. This shop has truly been created straight from passion, and it shows. 

The second you walk through the doors you’re transported into this peaceful jungle. All the snakes in the shop are actually their pets, and down the line they hope to become a place where people can surrender their snakes if they can no longer care for them.

IMG 3308

They want to be able to show people that you don’t have to be terrified of snakes, and that you can get over that fear. They also offer their healthy shakes and a meditation room.

IMG 3332

214 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix

Kahvi is the byproduct of inspiration from both Tulum, Mexico and Scandinavia. These two cultures come together from partners Jordan Taylor (paying homage to his Scandinavian heritage) and Julian Wright (showcasing his love of Tulum, Mexico).

The coffee shop is located in the historic, MonOrchid building that offers this wonderful event space. Kahvi shares the space with a few other local shops. In addition to their coffee, they also serve cocktails, wine, and a variety of different foods.

6969 E Shea Blvd # 109, Scottsdale

IMG 2533

This shop was my favorite in terms of looks. It has such an aesthetically pleasing warm and light feel to it. This is the perfect place to get that artsy IG pic of you enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Decorated with modern decor and lots of greenery, the shop also has lots of neutral colored wall art to match their peachy furniture.

IMG 2580
IMG 2610
IMG 2606
IMG 2615

Part Owner, Moriah Holland’s top drink recommendations include the macadamia nut honey cardamom latte, the Desert Honey, the Chocolate Coconut Shakerato, and Grapefruit Espresso Tonic.      

2617 N 24th St, Phoenix

IMG 5191

Get creative and try something new at PIP. You’ve got coffee, wine, beer, and some food options to enjoy while you join in on one of their workshops or wheel throwing classes. They also offer open studio time slots.

I had such an amazing time during their 3-hour, Build Your Pet Workshop. It’s truly all about having fun and getting away from your daily stressors while you let your creative juices flow. Time flew by as I went to work making my little kitty out of clay. Some other workshops they offer are Chia Friends, Wind Chimes, Polymer Jewelry, Plant Buddies, and Vase and Form Floral.

IMG 5196

9015 E Via Linda Unit #106, Scottsdale

IMG 3103

Enjoy your cup of coffee while making your very own bouquet at this part coffee, part flower bar. You come in, grab a clipboard, metal bucket, and pen and let your creative juices flow as you get to work on your bouquet. Another option is to purchase one that’s pre-arranged.

The flowers are all out and labeled with their name and price for you to browse through. Free tools/supplies are available and there’s a florist in the shop to help assist you with cutting, arranging, and to answer any other questions you may have. Once you’re all done they’ll wrap it up for you, or you can pick out a new vase to bring home!

As we get lost in our day to day routines, it can cause us to have tunnel vision when looking to explore different options, even when that comes to a simple cup of coffee. There’s so many innovative people in our community that give back to us in a way that allows us to connect with others, enjoy some coffee, and your afternoon, while in the presence of these talented business owners who’ve let their dreams pave their way to success. It’s a blessing to have. Let us know which ones are your favorites!